5 Surprising Benefits of Changing Your Energy

I get it.  I really do.  It’s been a rough week and it’s only Tuesday.  Someone jammed up the copier at work, your car is on E and so is your bank account and it’s nowhere near payday…but what if it didn’t HAVE to be this way?  What if just by changing your energy, your week began to actually get better?  What if, seriously, you opened the mail to an unexpected check?  Your boss noticed you doing a good job and complimented you on something.

There are many surprising benefits of changing your energy…and most people don’t even try this very simple process.  I promise you that if you start to do this consistently, things will change for the better.  Every single time I am having a bad day, or feel myself being sucked down into why did this happen now, I change my thinking and therefore, I change my energy.  There are days that it might take me longer to snap out of it, I am not going to lie.  Sometimes really crappy things happen to good people, but it’s what we do after that experience that shapes our energy.

I teach my Head|Heart|Health Club these methods day in and day out and we repeat them until we start to see the shifts working for us in our lives.  The benefits outweigh any resistance you might have because the alternative is staying stuck where you are right now…in this awful day, week, or even month you might be having.  Thinking the same thought patterns over and over and not seeing anything change.  If that sounds like you, but you are willing to even try the slightest change in your patterns, here is what you will gain.

5 Surprising Benefits of Changing Your Energy:

  1. Your brain creates new pathways…to happiness.  I read somewhere that when you focus on the stress, or the negative emotion, the rest of the world ceases to exist for you.  This is so true, right?  The bad actually blocks out the good in that moment.  If you can train your brain to relax in those moments of stress, it helps you to realize it is not the end of the world, and your brain doesn’t shut everything else down.  On the flip side, if you can’t stay clam, it amps up the fear, anger and the spiraling thoughts closing off the world and then creating an even bigger negative thought pattern until you are exhausted.
  2. Write about the good…it can increase the good in your life!  This is one of my primary methods as most people who follow my blog or video chats, know.  I literally surround myself with thoughts of everything working out for my highest good.  Whether you pray, meditate, or just sit quietly, start off the process like that.  Visualize the way you want things to go for you the next day and then actively write about them “As IF” they have happened.  Many people teach this method now, but when I first started doing it, I was not aware that others used this method.  After my extremely difficult years of being in pain, I sat down one night and just started writing about healing.  Each and every night and each and every morning.  Of course, there was a bit more to it than that, but the bottom line was, I wanted to change and so I did.
  3. You begin to attract the right kinds of people into your life.  Negative attracts negative.  I am not interested, to be honest, in working with anyone in my business who is constantly negative.  I actually do not want them around me or in my energy field.  I have long since learned that lesson.  So how can you get away with that if you are employed somewhere?  Continue to amp up your positive energy and like energy will find you.  Smile.  Say nice things.  Do not engage in water cooler gossip or backstabbing behavior.  You will regret anything you say later as it will come back to you; therefore, be a beacon of light and that light you project will come back to you as well.  I have seen this work in my own life, and I know this to be true.  The minute I let go of an old friendship with a negative person, a positive one came in and replaced it.  I also say all the time that the right people will find my business, and they always do.  When you change, things change with you.
  4. Be a leader…not a follower.  As your energy changes, your mind-set will too.  You will start to emerge in a new light at work, in your relationships, and as a family member.  People will notice the change in your demeanor and start to see you as a natural leader.  It is true.  You no longer follow the negative path…so you shine brightly.  You can then lead others as well.  The responsibility you take for changing your life is noticeable.  You no longer think you are cursed, or the universe is out to get you.  You are now aware that you are the sole (and soul) proprietor inside your body.  You will start to feel supported in your life and start to see little signs that it is truly changing for the better.  But don’t slip in your positive practices if you have one set-back.  It’s been a long process depending on your age, so remember that you have that many years of experience in your old ways…you have to stay vigilant in keeping your thoughts clean.
  5. You will make a positive impact on the world.  Most people I know steer clear of the negative folks in life.  But the positive people are movers and shakers.  They are the ones changing the world.  Coming up with new ideas to make the workplace a better environment.  Maybe going out of their way to leave secret positive notes all over the place and no one knows who did it…they just remember how it made them feel.  The lives you touch will then ripple out and make a positive impact on others, and it will continue.  The positive energy ripple you start today can and will change someone’s life.  Just remember that the next time a co-worker says something nasty or is having a bad day and takes it out on you.  Surprise them by saying something positive that can change the way their day is going.  It really will change your life living in a place of gratitude and abundance.

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