Dear friends,

As the years have gone by and the page has grown, many readers have asked for help with topics such as fear, failure, anxiety, worthiness, acceptance, stress, frustration, anger, guilt and more.  I heard you dear friends.  I heard you.   The Head|Heart|Health Club has been created as a result of many long research sessions into dissolving the blocks that are holding you back.

What are the benefits of joining the group?
  • I am creating a space to increase the flow of gratitude, change, and passion in our lives; therefore, attracting more of what we want.
  • Gratitude actually has been researched as improving our physical and mental well-being, and brain based research says that the practice of journaling and repeating affirmations significantly improves mental function.
  • Surrounding yourself with like minded people gives you a space to grow as we work to increase positive habits and decrease negative thought pattern that have never served you.
  • The positive vibration of people working towards change can raise others in the group as we work collectively on increasing our flow of what we really want in life.
  • It becomes a safe haven, where you look forward to going after a particularly hard day, knowing that the energy of the group will lift you up and support you.
  • The goal of the HHH Club is to give you tools that are accessible to you at all times.
What do I need to do to join?
  • Be ready and open for change in your life.
  • Have a journal or use the worksheets I provide to use throughout the process.  Not sure what to use?  Read this article on the one I have.  The photo of the journal links to mine.
  • Show up.  Do the work.  Be the change.
  • Be amazed at how you feel once the work is done and you have a safe place to share your gratitude at the change in your thoughts!
  • Purchase the Head|Heart|Health Club membership and after that, you will be directed to the link to join the brand-new group!
Learning to focus on what you can control is half the battle – Aimee Halpin
What do I get by joining the Head|Heart|Health Club?
  • A private and supportive group working on the same goals as you!
  • NEW monthly content that you get at the start of each month.
  • A private portal to log-in, do the work at your own pace, download and keep the month’s content, and continue to get your head straight, your heart focused and your overall health aligned.
  • Over 8 yoga poses to center and ground yourself, monthly video tutorials, meditations and more!
  • Writing naturally reduces emotional pain and helps you focus your head…or your messy thoughts.
  • You are building a better quality of life with like-minded people to support you.
  • Practicing new habits of joy and thankfulness is said to improve your mood each day!
  • As we continue to do the work on the inside, our relationships with others will change and be reflected on the outside.
  • This can help capture the real you by holistically supporting you, and you take as much as you need and give as much as you want, from the group in a very conscious way.  You may actually join the club without joining the closed group if you prefer, and instructions will be e-mailed to you on how to get in the group if you’d like.

Great!  I am signing up >>> Head|Heart|Health Club membership <<<

This has become a safe place for me to express my true self, fears, dreams/hopes and to seek help! I find that this program was designed and developed by someone that truly cares about helping, motivating and supporting people. The personal interaction is what sets this apart from others. Thank you Aimee for sharing your journey with us and for all your support, effort, advice, and everything you do for all of us!

Thank you so much for joining the group and there will be monthly freebies in the bonus section as well as in the closed group.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.  ~Aimee~

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