I am going to take a quick break today from the series I was doing, because this post wrote itself in my head and is banging around until I get it out.  Previously I had written about food as “killing me” here and told you how her opening really described me as well.  What is a food allergy?  “A food allergy is when your body sees food proteins as foreign, and it launches this inflammatory response to drive out that foreign invader.”  If you watch   Robyn O’Brien in that TEDx talk on my old post, you start to wonder.  You might get chills as I did that day when I began my research.

So when I realized that “four-score men and four-score more” could not make me as before, I began to panic.  Not only do people NOT understand what it means to live as if food is akin to Stormtroopers coming to attack what’s left, but it makes life difficult…for me anyway.  Now some of you read my post on Unhappy Meals which is the second most popular after the one I linked above.  So I think perhaps you might be looking for answers too. Well, I don’t have them…yet.  That isn’t to say I’m not trying.  I have enlisted in the help of my husband, who was put into my life for a reason.  The quoted line above is from the original version of “Humpty Dumpty” in 1797.  Quite simply, he keeps me together.  My parents are now on board with my theories as well.  The “problem” I think comes from the fact that my parents and I’m sure other parents see it as something they have done “wrong”, when in fact, I don’t see it that way.  Just like the mom in the TEDx talk, what is foreign in our food now that wasn’t there before?

This is our bodies way of reacting to things that were not there before.  My body is trying to protect me by developing the gene from the “Celtic Curse” and holding onto that iron thus causing the photo-sensitivity to morph and leading to the Vampire myths from old.  So what is one more step in the evolution of me?  The autoimmune response.  I realize that if you are new to my blog, this part just confused the hell out of you:)  Anyway, out of all the diseases, this last one is by far the hardest.  Here is another link I found on more information for the Autoimmune Food Challenged folks.  Yes, I like the word I made up.  We are AFC folks because when I go to a restaurant and ask for a “gluten-free” menu, they look at me like I am contaminated…just letting you know, it is not I, but sadly the food we eat.  Lastly, I will use this link and I say I wish my doctors had even thought of one of these 9 steps to heal autoimmune.  Just one.  Instead of looking at me like I’d lost my mind…which clearly will happen if your body keep attacking itself and you have no one on your side to believe you.  Hereditary Hemochromatosis friends, please read this as well about copper.  Whew.

So, here I am:

Take Care



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  1. Hi Aimée,

    Your name resounds very specially for me as I am French and of course you know that Aimée means loved. And bien-aimée means beloved, so one can call one’s partner/lover ‘mon aimé’ (for a male) or mon aimée (for a female) or mon bien-aimé/ma bien-aimée (my beloved). But that’s not the reason I am writing to you.

    Im May I have attended a conference by Elke Arod, a Swiss lady who has experienced for years the same type of terrible symptoms you describe, and, worse of all, her child too. She has experimented with all sorts of things and eventually with food, has studied food allergies and the chemistry of digestion in a very thorough manner, has healed herself and her child (and written stuff about the terrible effects of the chemicals such as mercury and aluminium in our vaccines).
    She’s written a book called : ‘Les racines de nos maladies’ (‘the roots of our diseases’) and I suppose it was written in English at first as part of her teaching is primarily in English. She’s gone so far in her studies, helped by her husband who is a scientist that she has now created a school and she trains a new type of health practitioners for people with food allergies and autoimmune diseases. She’s worked with renowned scientists and she has also trained many of them.
    She’s spontaneously added her email address and her phone number to her written words of encouragement when I had my copy of her book signed so I can confidently pass it on to you as she is willing to help as many people as possible : 0041 22 751 36 36
    She has helped wonderfully a lot of autistic children and children with attention deficit disorder.
    Her school and non profit organisation called STELLIOR is now recognised in Switzerland and encouraged, even though there are powerful laboratories there that produce vaccines and drugs that would rather she didn’t do all the wonderful work she does (a lady who had done similar warning and educating work has mysteriously died some months ago, that sends a chill down the spine).
    She’s shown in a scientific manner that mercury and nickel are at the origin of many allergies and auto-immune diseases (so your parents are not to be blame, it has nothing to do with their ill-constructing job of you 🙂 as well as lactose and gluten intolerance (or allergy).
    She runs an academy of nutri-detoxicology where she uses the scientific method she has developed since 1993 to help people. At the STELIOR NGO there are people advising and helping other people at no cost through their website, with phone calls, written advice, dvds etc.

    I dearly hope that all this wonderful research will help you and all the many people around you who suffer from the same symptoms and illnesses. Elke Arod is truly a lady who has recovered for her many symptoms, helped her child do the same and then lead rigorous in depth scientific research to bring proof to the world of what she had empirically discovered. Doctors have laughed at her for many years but when they saw the results she obtained on her child and on herself they gradually stopped laughing.

    There is also a dvd available through the Celior website where Elke Arod gives recipes without gluten and caseine.

    Have a great week,
    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Dominique, yes, my grandfather was actually French, but I don’t speak it. I will definitely look into this and I appreciate the time you took writing and detailing this. it sounds very interesting!.

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