Don’t Let the Zombie Thoughts Drag You Down.

I just ate a cookie for breakfast.  It has come to that.  I will say it’s a gluten-free cookie that had oatmeal in it, so it was like I really had oatmeal.  And yesterday, it was well into the afternoon before I realized that I needed to eat.  Zombie thoughts can be a real drag if you let them get to you.

Let me back up a bit.  Yesterday I had a series of events that have been building up for a while now (since before Thanksgiving), and you know that feeling you get right as everything in your worlds are colliding?  Well it was that feeling.  But I wasn’t expecting to sit paralyzed for a moment and then almost go under.  I wasn’t expecting everything, that has long since been dead, try to come after me.  Those are now what I refer to as the Zombie Thoughts.  So since I made this up right now, let me break it down in the Aimster’s Dictionary.

Zombie Thoughts- Thoughts that are so old and so far gone that they can be referred to as dead.  Will-less.  The walking dead literally and they seemingly come up from nowhere.

My mind was will-less actually,  and I had put it on auto-pilot.  I was creating my own private hell, and only I was to blame.  My family has been having some “stuff” going on, but I can’t change it nor can I interfere as it’s their free will and the will of the Creator (insert your belief on end of life places here).  A series of things have happened with appliances in my house, and money has been spent like it’s water.  Right before the “holidays” (insert your politically correct saying).  None of this can be changed by staying in that place of fear and immobilization.

How to escape from the Zombie thoughts:

  1. It is said Zombies eat, erm well, brains.  So what are these negative thoughts doing to your mind?  They are eating up your positive thoughts and your will.  Remember, “will-less”.  They are immobilizing you right where you sit and you never saw it coming.  According to “research”, feeling frightened, which often happens when you focus on negative outcomes, has been shown to decrease activity in your cerebellum, which slow the brain’s ability to process new information-limiting your ability to practice creative problem solving.   << Basically saying, you are Zombie food.
  2. To protect yourself from the Zombie thoughts, we now call in the power of Shifting your thoughts.  << You can watch later if you have never seen me chat with my page.  The word is SHIFT <<< not that other word, so write this out and place it in front of you so you remember that you have the power to choose the next thought, and the next.  Journal prompt from my Club can be used too >> “Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power.” ~Shirley MacLaine
  3. The Zombie thoughts create panic and a sense of fear.  They want you to be confused so you don’t know what is real and what is fake.  So repeat this:  I know that not everything I think is true.  I know that the ego tries to take over.  I know that the heart is more forgiving.  ~Aimee’s mantra  Write down “Not everything I think is true.” and use that as one of your weapons.  Remember, fear causes fight or flight in the brain.  Stop.  Take 3 deep breaths, and repeat the mantra that not everything you think is true.
  4. Zombie Thoughts attack in hordes and they like to get you alone.  They like to make you feel isolated and then they keep trying to get at you.  Surprise them with a ring of fire, and that ring is made up of gratitude thoughtsLook around you and stop.  Breathe and say the first 5 things you are grateful for that you see.  The Zombies will leave you alone.   Here are 5 Ways to Increase Gratitude right now << to add to your new Pinterest board. Think about this for a second, you feel trapped, but a stranger comes and saves you from the Zombie Thoughts.  You might feel immense relief and a rush of joy and not having to worry about your survival now.  That’s what gratitude is doing to your brain.
  5. The power of friends can help you beat back the Zombie Thoughts, so reach out today.  I messaged my friend and then immediately left and went to yoga yesterday.  We talked it out later about everything that was coming out of the wood work, and then I remembered why isolating yourself doesn’t help, so I came on and quickly chatted about what was going on.  Need help with creating meaningful friendships?  This one is for the gals because we are hardest on our body image and that feeds the Zombie Thoughts.  Have a look at this post >> How to Create Meaningful Female Friendships <<  Don’t feed the Zombies.  Just don’t.

I highly encourage you to change how you are thinking, being, and what you are feeding today my friends.  If you are looking for daily reminders, journal prompts, 8 simple yoga poses to ground and center you, plus a place where we keep the Zombie Thoughts at bay, look no further.  >>Learn More Here <<



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