Tiny continuous improvements.


How can I find more time in my life?

Today, your task is to start new habits.  When you come from a place of pain, whether it’s fibromyalgia or other illnesses, as soon as you wake up, do not think about how hard the day is going to be.  Do not think of your to-do list.  Do not think of the tasks ahead which are so difficult to get through you dread them.  No.  Take a dry-erase pen, and write some daily affirmations on your bathroom mirror.  Make that the first thing you see.  I am healing.  I am getting better.  Whatever it is to get you moving in a good way.  Repeat every morning until you believe them…so basically, as long as it takes.

Why do I need to make small improvements?

If you do the same thing every single day, consider something new to get you moving and thinking; don’t give me that eyeball.  It’s time to start doing something different.  I was reading an article called Can You Become a Creature of New Habits?  This struck me as something I needed to do…”a Japanese technique called kaizen, which calls for tiny, continuous improvements.”  M. J. Ryan, author of the 2006 book “This Year I Will…” states that “Whenever we initiate change, even a positive one, we activate fear in our emotional brain,” Ms. Ryan notes in her book. “If the fear is big enough, the fight-or-flight response will go off and we’ll run from what we’re trying to do. The small steps in kaizen don’t set off fight or flight, but rather keep us in the thinking brain, where we have access to our creativity and playfulness.”

  1. Have your calendar where you can see your schedule.
  2. Set your alarm for a minute earlier for the next 30 days…60 days…then 90 days.  Wow!  Look at that extra time.
  3. Identify ways in which you waste time…not fun, I know.  Because believe me, I work on social media so I can easily lose track of time.  That’s why I need to do number 2^^^.
  4. Have you ever reviewed your to-do list?  I keep lists on the counter.  Sometimes I get down to just a few things…that are still on there from erm 2 months ago.  But when I finally mark them off, whew.  I feel like I did something.
  5. Make a list of things you think you have to do like social obligations.  If there is something you are doing that is taking up your time and you can honestly say you get no joy from it, cut it out.  I have done this.

So it’s time to initiate change.  A positive one.  Create a habit of excellence with tiny, continuous improvements.  In other words, baby steps to a new you.

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