5 Ways to Welcome Change in the New Year

This year is coming to a close.  Let’s welcome change.

At the end of every year, you either think, “Wow!  This year has been great!”…or you might think “I sure am glad to shed the thoughts of this past year.”  If this is one of the years where you are ready to welcome change into your life, let’s go ahead and get ready for it now.

5 Ways to Welcome Change:

  1. Believe that good things are actually coming your way.  I do.  I say it daily right now.  I believe it with all of my being and I embrace it.  I am journaling what my new year will bring already as I am ready for the good thoughts to bring more with it.  It is time to embrace the new.
  2. Take that leap.  If there is something that you are wanting to do, quote simply, do it.  There is no time like the present to go after your dreams.  It is not easier said than done…it is easier done than said.  Meaning, do it, or you’ll just keep talking about wanting to do it.
  3. Don’t fight it.  For many months this year, there was a change I needed to make.  But I fought it.  I didn’t let go of some negative energy that really was not serving me in any shape or form because it involved letting go of a friendship that was only there when I was carrying negative energy around too.  I saw the pattern and refused to stop it because I kept saying it was going to change.  The truth is, it wasn’t going to change, but I had.  I could no longer turn a blind eye to what was happening and it started to drive me crazy.  Until I released it.  I went with what was supposed to happen.
  4. Embrace the unknown.  You don’t know what’s going to happen.  And that can be scary if we let it.  Start thinking of it as an adventure.  A mystery.  Put your thoughts and wishes out there into the universe and see what happens.  But continue to put those wishes out there.
  5. Stay the course.  For my latest program that is launching, I researched the myth of how many days it takes to make a habit stick.  It does NOT take 21 days.  It takes up to 60 depending on the person’s resolve to make a change…and that’s on a good day.  If you know that you are going to need help, write those thoughts down, journal where you can read them, put them on sticky notes, have a friend remind you, but stay the course.  You can actually make peace with change and learn to lean into it.  It’s always a smoother ride if you don’t fight it.
Welcome Change
Welcome change into your life!




2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Welcome Change in the New Year

  1. Thanks for posting this. These are some great reminders of why change is important in our lives, and how to allow it.

    I feel that one of the most important things to remember about change is that it is something that we want…it is never necessary. Everything is perfect as it is…but often we want things to be different (we may view “different” as “better”, but it is all merely perspective and driven by our preferences.) The changes you make will help align things with what you prefer.

    Thanks again. I have only recently discovered this blog, and I look forward to reading more posts.

    1. Hey Don, feel free to read my “About me” here and why most of my readers do, in fact, welcome change and don’t feel that where they are is perfect. I know that I certainly didn’t like where I was. The thing is though, that you have to be ready for change. Thank you for reading about me and what I have been through! ~Aimee

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