5 Ways to Survive a Snow Day

I live in good ole’ Virginny…where we apparently broke some records on snow fall this weekend.  Not my city…sigh, but we do get a Snow Day tomorrow, and as much as I love snow days, because I do, some people might be having quite a few snow days.  So I am putting together a little check list for you just in case you are about to lose your mind.

5 Ways to Survive a Snow Day:

  1. Collect all the empty spray bottles you can, put a different drop of food coloring in each one, and send the kids outside to make a specific snow creature.  Last year we made the most epic snow dragon of all.  The only think I did was say make a snow dragon using these colors…and I will come out to take a photo.  It was amazing and kept them out there for a long time sculpting, creating and spraying the thing green…then he erm, was apparently shot down and had some blood coming out of a hole, but you know, maybe your kids aren’t geeks like mine.  He was shot down by an elf with a long bow in just the right place.  They named him Smaug.  Whatever.  They were outside!!!  For a loooooong time….not fighting.
  2. Get out the OLD school games and take away technology.  It goes into a time-out of sorts.  The only direction is no technology until they finish the whole game.  No stopping…no whining.  No fighting or no tech.  It’s amazing.  Every time I heard what sounded like the beginning of a lovely sibling ar-gu-ment, I would say one more hour to the time out.  Oh no mom, no.  We were just discussing.  Not arguing.  Okay dearies.  Just saying.
  3. FORTS.  <<< Do kids know what these are anymore?  Mine do.  It’s the girls and the dogs.  Building forts…again, nothing special about this one, but no tech in the fort.  Barbies, stuffed animals, dogs, whatever, but it’s got to last a while if you let them take all the blankets and destroy your living room.  It can be a spy hideout, a Hobbiton house, ahem, the cave of wonders, I don’t care, really, but just don’t fight.  None.  ORRRR see above.  Add an hour to tech time-out.  MUhahahahahaha.  <<< It’s not mean laughing.  Really.
  4. Coloring books!!!  We get everything out…markers, the intricate coloring books that I wrote a paper on last year, by the way, that are all the rage now, anyway, we get them out, and we don’t stop until we are almost done with the page…but it is a long process as the pages are really intricate.  If you want a freebie, here you go!  I used this site last year and there are tons like it out there.  My daughter has this one called the Enchanted Forest.
  5. YOGA for you…okay, the kids can try too!!  Some of these are great on here and there is even a kids channel for yoga.  Advice to you about these channels though, if something says “beginner”, but you look at it and think they are out of their minds, they might be, so don’t try it.  Also, if the person gets on your last nerve because their yoga “voice” annoys the heck out of you, don’t keep going.  Find another yoga station until one feels like it is “just right” because believe me, there is PLENTY out there to be watched.  Lastly, never try something you are not ready for.  Just do the beginning of the pose and when they say if it is in your practice to put your head under your arm and move on…or whatever, don’t.  Stay where you are!  It’s ok.  They can’t see you…plus I want you to like yoga.  Not wake up hating the way your muscles feel the next day.

I hope this helps you find something great about having a snow day with your kids.  I know it can be difficult…with the fighting and all that.  But hopefully a tip here saves you a headache or least gave you a laugh.




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