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Head . . . Heart . . . Health

Through Vitalize You Personal Coaching and Wellness Services, The Burned Hand will coach you on how to get back to your authentic self.

  • Are you stuck in a continual loop of “indecisiveness”?
  • Are you taking care of others, but not taking care of yourself?
  • Do you desire more freedom to be you?
  • Are you feeling frustrated or trapped in your own body?
  • What would it feel like to have plenty of rope left?
  • What if you put on your oxygen mask first?

Did you know?

Wellness can be described as a conscious, deliberate process that requires a person to become aware of and make choices for a more satisfying lifestyle. A wellness lifestyle includes a self-defined balance of health habits: adequate sleep, rest, and good nutrition; productivity and exercise; participation in meaningful activity; and connections with people and communities that are supportive

Coaching is a positive supportive relationship between the coach and the person who wants to make the change. This positive supportive connection empowers the person seeking change to draw upon his or her own abilities and potentials, so as to achieve lasting lifestyle changes. Coaching is not counseling or therapy. A coach does not provide a prescription, wisdom, or advice, but rather helps a person seeking coaching to define what is important and set a plan to accomplish a personally valued goal.

Head|Heart|Health Holistic Wellness Adventure

Some time in the not too distant past, you had a fulfilling life.  Maybe you know the exact day that things changed.  You struggle with guilty feelings for wanting to take care of yourself, but you always put others first.  Your confidence took a hit as well as your self-esteem.  You hate getting dressed in the morning and perhaps you even dread facing the day.  Come take a journey with me into the heart of the matter.  We will focus on specific goals each week as we learn to dissect the elements of a holistic approach to wellness.

What’s included in the 4 Weeks to Wellness online journey?


In week 1, we discuss things like exercise and movement.  Don’t worry if you are coming from a sedentary lifestyle.  I have 2 options and you get to keep all the materials I created including my pdf on chair yoga moves that you can add to your day.  After I was certified in yoga, I took additional training in yoga for arthritis and pain.  If you have any questions once you have bought the program, please PM me at Vitalize You Wellness FB page.  We also talk about things like why the scale is not really a true and accurate measurement and much much more!

In week 2, we talk about food and nutrition.   I am certified in sports nutrition as well as using my 18 years of research into invisible diseases to make the workbook for this section really hit home about what items you need to remove from your diet in order to improve your overall health.  Trust me, this step helps everyone I have coached!  There are many things in your cabinet that are not helping you move forward especially if you suffer from any autoimmune disease at all.  I teach you how to recognize the hidden dangers in the ingredients.

In week 3, we dive into stress and balance.  So many “plans” forget how important this is to your health.  We discuss things like breathing, clutter, sleep patterns and more!  You will journal and use my workbooks to guide you into a deeper understanding of how to create the balance your body needs.  This is a step that you can repeat as often as needed with your life-long access to the materials.

Lastly, in weeks 4 and beyond, we discuss self-care.  What does “you-time” look like?  Have you ever learned to journal and if so, do you really reflect deeply and move forward?  What you do changes your energy so I teach you how to come at life from a place of gratitude.  Anything I add beyond this is freebies once you have bought the course!!

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NEW for 2018 ALL bonuses are included in the regular price, which is currently only $49.99.  Prices subject to change.

Here are a few of the bonuses:

  • Evening positive thoughts inventory
  • A self-care checklist
  • Brand NEW Journaling to Health Workbook <<< this is extremely beneficial and includes 21 extra days of great prompts.
  • PLUS you get access for life as I create new material and drop it into the program BONUS section!  LIFETIME membership all for under $50, but only for a limited time!


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