Work With Me

Why me?

I spent over 18 years working and researching the best wellness practice to create the life I wanted and I am ready to share my knowledge with you!  I will guide you towards the inner clarity and mindset needed to live the life you dream of and help keep you focused on a positive path. I have knowledge of how eating the right foods can change your whole view as well as how finding the right exercise, not the kind you dread, can actually give you the boost you need.  I am certified in over 200 hours of yoga training as well as using yoga for arthritis and pain management.  In 2015, I also completed a certification in sports nutrition as well.  Hopefully by now you have read how I took my life back and changed my future going from victim to victor!

What do I do first?

Do you want group coaching or online self-paced? <<< Skip to the links if you have already decided what you would prefer.  The online option allows you to go at your own pace, take things slow, and use the materials by yourself that I have created.  The Group coaching option gives you support weekly as well as a closed group, content that changes monthly, a subscription that offers you just the month you are interested in, or a continuous support system.

What if I just want the Gratitude Journal E-book

This is a great journal guide that compliments any of my other courses.  Click here.  <<< We often take for granted that which we receive on a regular basis, but gratitude is a gift to be cultivated like a rare orchid.  It is an intentional appreciation of what you have…and the things, that quite simply, make you unique.  Gratitude eases depression, boost our moods, and helps our brain work better…not harder.  As it strengthens our pathways to the good more often, we start to go that way instead of diving down into the murk.

How long should I work with a coach?

In areas of wellness and healthy living, I have found committing to at least 3 months of working on your goals is an ideal time frame to experience transformative goal setting and lifestyle changes.  However, that being said, you take what you learn during that time and modify your goals for the next few months until you reach the desired results.  You don’t just stop doing what you are doing when you reach your goals!   The combination of commitment, ups, downs, and obstacles you learn to handle over that time period, allows you to experience growth and enables you to begin seeing a real and sustainable difference in how you live your life.  Contrary to popular belief, it does NOT take 21 days to form a habit.  It can actually take up to 3 months so consistency is key.

Thank you again and I look forward to working with you!

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