I have made it my mission to help others as a business fell into my lap.  It’s a work from home kind of business for someone with chronic pain/fatigue like me, so it fits my life. I have helped hundreds of people get to the root cause of why they were not losing weight, and we made a plan together based off their latest symptoms and what was actually happening below the surface.

A holistic view means that I am interested in engaging and developing the whole person. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – Aimee

What can Vitalize You do for you?

I have been treating my latest diagnosis, fibromyalgia, as well as my autoimmune issues with all natural products as well as a plan I made. <<< linked there. If you are interested in what I am using, you can visit my page Vitalize You and PM the page.  All of the supplements I use are available in the US and Canada, and some even in Australia, just use the drop down for your country.  Did you know that with fibro you can sleep and not fully feel rested?  Part of the reason is you seem to never get fully into REM sleep.  I take New You every single night now.  It is truly the only thing that helped me after 2 years of no sleep.  I realized I wasn’t even dreaming!!!  After one week on New You, I was sleeping again.  It also helps memory and my recovery from exercise…which is yoga.

The wraps are what we were made famous for, and they are a Global best-seller, shipping all over the world.  I personally use the wraps to detox from a particularly bad bloating episode or flare-up.  It works like a charm and makes me feel so much better, but it also had the added benefit of toning my skin.

I mention things like anxiety, joint pain, Vitamin D deficiency, hair breakage and more in my blog.  These supplements have what I need with no added fillers.  When I was researching Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I started healing my “gut” by adding probiotics.  I recently learned how prebiotics help as well.  Prebiotics and probiotics work together to support your digestive system health.  Prebiotics are fibers that support the growth of these healthy probiotic bacteria in your digestive system. The prebiotic fiber blend in Greens Chew is comprised of plant-derived soluble fibers that feed the probiotic bacteria and can help to keep your digestive system regular.  If you feel sluggish, out of energy, and perhaps things aren’t flowing the way they should I also recommend the Greens.  I stopped taking my acid blocking bills because I found they were blocking important nutrients like magnesium.  I added this pH-balancing blend that includes an acidity-fighting combination of magnesium and potassium for even more alkalizing properties.  My metabolism even needed a boost.  Last, but not least, I sound like my great-aunt by telling you all that if you aren’t Regular, you should check this product out too.

So feel free to take a look around at the above links.  Also, because of my allergy sensitivities, I can look at all the ingredients on the website and I love that.  Feel free to PM the page for more and even ask about my 4 Weeks to Wellness plan which includes everything you need to start taking back control of your life all from home.

Close your eyes. Think of three things you want to change this year. Do it NOW!

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