You Can Get Through This.

Dear readers,

Do you ever feel like you could use the easy button in life?  Yes!!  YES!  So do I.  Alas, it has not fallen out of the sky to land anywhere near me as of yet.  I feel like I have always done things the hard way…or at least I used to.  The crazy thing is that it took me so many years to realize I just had to tweak a few things in my life to refocus my thoughts and actually get through the bad times.

I will never forget feeling like I was at the end of my rope, and the knot was slipping.  It’s a terrible place to be.


Have you ever noticed the harder you try to stop thinking about something, the more it comes up in your life?  I have.  Trying to control the thoughts then makes way for anxiety and feelings of helplessness.  Sometimes, it just takes talking to a friend or someone on the outside of the entire situation to make things feel better.  We push down our own intuition and just keep obsessing.

I realized I had to get my head under control first in order to move forward in life.  I had to be the one to take back control of my thoughts…and not let them run from I am okay, to the end of the world is coming.

I started a small group after I saw massive results with my own style of coaching.  I started helping people in my home town, and started journaling to help others in my circle get clarity on what was actually causing them to be stuck in their thoughts.


Later on, as my work continued with clients trying to lose weight, I realized they were not addressing their own inner worth.  I felt like they were so focused on losing weight, or trying to overcome this obstacle, that they forgot who they were.  They had been mom, or caregiver, friend, or family member, but had turned off their own heart centered thoughts.  I started giving “worthiness” pep talks to some of my clients…addressing the physical or mental pain associated with these feelings.  I realized that people suffering from fibromyalgia actually had forgotten what it feels like to live.  I started thinking about how it feels to actually get up and get dressed for the day and how little things can turn your whole world around.

What if we left love notes to ourselves to make us feel better?  Would it work?  Yes, yes it would.  I was living proof that positive affirmations were helping me get through my days again and get back to me.  REAL me.  Not sick me.  Not flare-up me.  Not the me who I didn’t recognize anymore in the mirror.  From the plan I formed to heal myself, came my heart aspect to my coaching.  Because I was in dire need of learning to love me again.  All of me.


Lastly, one of the most difficult transformations to get through was my health transformation.  This was the Mac Daddy of the whole thing.  In order to complete my physical, mental and spiritual transformation, I had to change the way I ate, the way I lived, the excuses I made, and the way I did ermmmmmm NOT like to think of exercise.  At the time, moving hurt.  So honestly, if my very skin hurt, my bones ached deep down to the core, and the thought of actually leaving the house to go somewhere where normal people were exercising like they actually liked it, well let’s just say it was too much for me.  I wished I had a coach years before this…years.  I could have improved so much earlier, but there was nothing like it for me out there.  Nothing but pain, misery and more negativity.  I had to be the change I wanted to see in my health care and damn if I was going to keep doing the same thing and producing the same results…because that’s what my doctors were doing…and Einstein had a saying for them:  “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

After researching, speaking to others Globally, presenting wellness workshops, and private coaching others, I am honored to be able to present to you my online coaching club full of new material each month!   Please join me in the Head|Heart|Health Club as we launch a new way to take back our lives.   ^^ See the tab at the top or click the linked word to learn more.

For the price of 2 cups of coffee.  The coolest thing is…I added a donate more feature so I can give a few away each month.  Feel free to check it out.

Compliments Don’t Have to Be a Struggle

So I posted a new quote photo to ponder in my closed group.  Wow!  We had some really good responses.   The group responded in such a way to the question, that I decided to make a FB Live talk about it and this post.

Have you ever hear of the term “sociolinguist”?  It’s the study of language and linguistic behavior as influenced by social and cultural factors. Interesting huh?  A whole study.  In college, I took a very difficult class on linguistics, but I learned more than I would have thought possible about the art of language.

Sociolinguists place our compliment responses into 3 main categories.  We either accept, deflect or reject a compliment. 

The truth is, most of us tend to either deflect or reject compliments.

Why can’t we accept compliments?

Well, women often struggle with how to accept a compliment with grace.  We definitely deflect and talk about what we need to do better next time.  Does this help us?  No.  Not in the least.  If you suffer from low self-esteem, you tend to reject compliments altogether.  Ignore…I didn’t hear you.  Denial…I am a failure.  Argue…I really don’t think so.

Then I watched this video of a woman interviewing other women about their body image and it was so harsh.  Whoa.  I thought…hold up.  That petite lady just said she was gross and fat?  That’s insane.

So why do we deflect compliments so often?

Well, self-esteem, again is a big factor.  We have played that same sad story in our head so many times that we fail to recognize a genuine compliment when we get one.  We also don’t trust other people.  What do they want???  Will I owe them?

The bottom line is, I personally think we are afraid we aren’t worthy.  We have told ourselves this story so many times.  Childhood.  Parents said it to themselves maybe…and the story became part of your story.  But that’s where it can end.  It doesn’t have to continue to be your story.

4 Ways to Accept a Compliment:

  1. Express gratitude.  Thank you is a powerful phrase…it can be enough.
  2. If credit is due elsewhere, acknowledge partners or a team effort. 
  3. Be confident that they actually have noticed you and don’t try to deflect it like you aren’t worthy.  No “but” statements.  True facts.
  4. Avoid a compliment melt-down where you are looking for equal praise to shine back on them.  Don’t think that they are just being nice and looking for their own compliment.  Accept it at face value and accept your gifts.  You are worthy of compliments. 

And to top it off, here would be a great compliment to receive in my household:  Marge, you’re as pretty as Princess Leia and as smart as Yoda. ~Homer Simpson


How to Create Meaningful Female Friendships

Because we do this and pose ^^^

“Oh my God, Becky. Look at her butt.”  Have no fear, that’s just some lyrics to Baby Got Back.  However, could it have been you or your friends commenting on another woman’s body at one time in your life?  The answer to this question is yes.  Yes.  Let’s be honest with each other.  We have all said or even thought something we regretted.  It is part of the human experience. 

I am going to be honest.  The first time I look at photos of myself, I usually cringe.  I don’t know why, but my guess is that pesky thing known as “karmic programming” which I will get to in a moment.  But when we notice these thoughts and feelings about other people, we have to wonder are we reflecting something back about ourselves we don’t like?  Then we have to dig deeper into our karmic programming, which is a history that has been passed down through the generations of how we feel about ourselves or how we view our bodies, etc.  Here is my example…and it’s just honest reflection, but in the south, women seem to dress up, wear make-up, and diet more than other places.  I could be wrong, but it is what I have observed.  The girls I went to school with were very concerned about appearance and hair, my Lord, was everything.

So to break out of that way of thinking, or programming if you will, requires lots of pausing and reflection that as teenagers, we just really don’t have.  In college, we might have a bit more, but as mothers, oh as mothers you would think we would know how hard it has been.  Sometimes this is not true.  So in order for all women to benefit from breaking this cycle of thoughts, we have to try to speak better, think better and build better relationships with the women around us.  We have to watch how we speak to ourselves and how we speak to other women…even if it’s in our heads my sisters.

How to Create Meaningful Friendships:

  1. Avoid feeding into the negative body image feelings that most women have.  This is the hardest one, so I started with it.  This weekend at a conference, we were asked to turn to the woman next to us and tell them what we saw in their eyes, their faces, and write it on these heart-shaped mirrors.  The woman next to me was sparkling, but because of my skills, I knew she didn’t think so.  I also saw her beautiful, vulnerable eyes.  She was an international woman, a woman who has her own business, but had just said to me, I usually don’t take my sweater off because of my arms.  The first thought that came in to my head as I turned to look at her was how dazzling she was.  Just pure love in her eyes, but such vulnerability that as I told her she was beautiful and dazzling, we both started crying.  Know that as you feel vulnerable, so does the woman you are friends with.
  2. Embrace differences and allow for growth.  Where your friendships are right now, in this moment, is not where they were 6 years ago.  Hopefully that is a good thing.  However, if they are in the exact same place as 6 years ago, and you are having the same conversations about the same things, ask yourself if you are feeling fulfilled in this friendship or is this just a “surface” level type of friendship where you don’t feel connected.  The surface level friendships just don’t last usually because they will always hold something back.  A deeper friendship should strengthen with time and feel different…like you have grown roots and might even be connected.  As you reach for that connection, test out your answers.  Do you feel comfortable with the entire truth in this friendship?  If the answer is yes, or even hell yes, I’d tell her anything and she just gets me, then you are a lucky sister.  We can find those friends, and when we do, we need to hold on.
  3. Don’t listen to others…feed your own soul.  Sometimes, there are those who are jealous.  They look at the surface and make nasty comments.  Did you see her outfit?  She needs to lose weight.  She acts so ridiculous.  Why is she so happy all the time?  These comments are usually a reflection of the person making them.  Point of fact for me…I sometimes have gotten a few nasty comments from people I don’t know on my FB page.  I can always tell as soon as I read their comments that it is a reflection of something they are going through and has no bearing on my life what so ever.  Delete.  Do not engage.  I know it’s difficult, I AM A SCORPIO.  Trust me.  However, I say a few nice things under my breath about how difficult it must be to carry so much judgement, hate, and malice and I really hope they think about how it would feel if they were being open, honest and vulnerable to sayyyy 100,000 people, and I let it go.

Remind yourself to do a mental check-in on how you are feeling during the day and if a friend is having a particularly rough week, try to be gentle.  No, it’s not easy.  Will it be worth it?  I think so.  Chances are, whatever is coming up for them feels awful, and they will notice it as well.  Re-direct on what is going right for them this week, or how great they look in the color whatever…and know that they are sometimes in the ego, and not in the heart.

It takes a long time and many hours to re-direct and shift our thoughts away from tearing each other down, or ourselves down, but it can be done and more meaningful friendships can be born out of this soul-searching experience.



5 Tips on How to Face Your Fears

Without breaking the confidence and trust of my very close friends, I want to tell you about something I coach women how to handle.  The word is fear.  Most often, when I do a client intake, fear of failure at trying something new is there in the beginning.  One of the most important things for me is not to push people, but to get them moving in the right direction.  Once I see that, I can step back and let them go.

This fear of failure needs to be explored.  De-cluttered.  Looked at under a microscope.  And then released.  Once we have done everything we needed to do with it, we let it go…kind of like catch and release.  How do you propose I teach you to do that in one short blog post?  Well, honestly, that’s where my 4 Weeks to Wellness program comes in and you take the bonus option, but I want you to start today so that you have these tools under your belt for later.

5 Tips on How to Face Your Fears:

  1. Name it.  Yes, I know.  This seems too simple.  But what exactly are you afraid of and why?  For some of my clients, it’s getting better and I know this fear only too well.  What if…it starts off like that.  Write out all of your “what ifs” and “but this could happen” until you narrow it down to the one that clicks.  The final reason.  The real McCoy.  The one you look at on your list and you say “Well, shit.  I didn’t know I was still dragging this around with me.” 
  2. Examine the feelings.  Journal it.  You knew I was going to say that.  How has this held you back?  What would it be like if you could get over it?  What changes can you see coming into your life for the better once this fear has been released?  Now that it is named and out there, it’s kind of like Rumpelstiltskin…the one from the fairy tales.  It has no power.  You know its name.
  3. Ask yourself why now.  Maybe it came up because it was related to something else someone else is going through and you are afraid that will happen to you.  Stop those kinds of stories right now.  Is it something from the past?  Is it something you are afraid of in the future?  What are you missing out on right now by not fully living?
  4. Come up with the absolute WORST thing that could happen.  Will you look stupid?  Will you die?  <<< that scenario might be the worst thing that really could happen, and if that is a thought, then go to your next question.  Can you stop it by worrying about it?  Could you join a support group and help others on the same path as you and thus by helping them face this fear, help you realize you are not alone?  Could you turn this fear into a leadership role?  Could you learn something new from it?  Could you, in fact, live in the present and celebrate the abundance you already have?  Could you meditate or do yoga to continue to help release this fear?
  5. Make a plan to move forward.  What would the opposite of this fear feel like?  What are your dreams that it has blocked up until now?  Step into your light, no really visualize the white light of protection from this fear and step into it.  Your dreams are possible.  Repeat that mantra.  Life is an adventure and it’s your to take.  See the sights you want to see, take from it what you need, but learn to release what no longer serves you. 



Top 4 Biggest Weight Loss Hurdles

What are the 4 biggest weight loss hurdles during the holiday season?

Funny thing…people think that they put on weight during the holidays more so than at any other time; however, it’s not the holidays that really do it.  It’s actually making a plan, having a goal, and sticking to it.  But we will get to that part.

The first one is actually Loss of Motivation and I get that reason from clients well, lots.  At first, it’s like a special thing.  You are super pumped to start this journey, but slowly you let your mind take over and put you back where you started.  Negative Ghost Rider.  Abort.  Abort.  It’s cold.  It’s raining.  I saw a big piece of the best flan ever and had to put it in my mouth.  <<< that one was mine.  Anyway, I have been there.  What has helped me to stay consistent for over 2 years?  I will tell you.

  • I lay out my workout clothes (yoga for me) the night before.
  • I make sure my water bottle is ready to go and clean.
  • I get to wear the pants at the back of the closet.  I remind myself that.
  • I got rid of the pants that I had saved that were the “big” pants.  No lie.
  • I use a dry erase marker and write on my bathroom mirror where I can see it.  Daily.

Number two is “I’m too  busy for that.”  This one really gets on my nerves the most I think.  It’s not that I don’t understand, but I remember how I felt when I was at my worst.  My stomach was bloated, I was suffering from leaky gut, and I had tried everything including a personal trainer who kicked my ass to no avail.  The real reason you say you are too busy, is what if it fails?  That’s right.  I know your secret.  Being scared is part of the process, so please be honest with yourself.  Sometimes, you have to go back to the starting point.  But if you are working with a trainer, wellness coach or anyone else, check in with them and be honest about what you are afraid of.  Be specific.  Put it in words.  I opened up with the person who asked me to come back to yoga and I specifically said “I am worried that I am in so much pain that I won’t be able to do these things.”  And you know what, I wasn’t able to do everything.  And I lived.  I got better, stronger, and then one day, the 5 people closest to me throughout my yoga training saw me do something I couldn’t do before and it was a great feeling.  I didn’t let my excuses get in the way.  Side note:  I also had to come up with my own holistic wellness program in order for it to work since I knew more about autoimmune than who I initially signed up to work with.  I did have to create something that didn’t exist, but I didn’t give up.  Each and every time something didn’t work, I started back at what was working and went from there.

Number three is actually eating out.  I know that you love to go out to eat.  So do I!  Here’s how we can make it work while still maintaining your goals.

  • Research the restaurant menu ahead of time.  Look at the salads, appetizers and small plates and see if there are healthy options.
  • If you can’t find anything healthy, pick a new place.  If that is not an option because a function is scheduled there, call the place and ask about broiling or baking items that are on the menu instead.
  • Split a meal that is huge…they are almost always larger portion sizes!
  • Ask for salad dressing on the side, or better yet, ask for oil and vinegar so you can do it and you know what’s in it.
  • Skip the dessert if at all possible and ask for black coffee.

The last hurdle this season is going to be parties.  Wooo-hoo.  I love me a good party.  Yes, I just said that.  Say it in a southern accent and you might be close to how I sound.  Anyway, just so you know even I have a hard time with this one.  This is difficult.  Hugely difficult, but I have some great friends who are aware of my food sensitivities.  Some non-tacky things you can do to make your life easier at parties include:

  • Make your own snacks to bring and share.  Oh what did you bring to share?  Ohhh, gluten-free, sugar-free, paleo pumpkin cookies says me.  No one eats them but me.  Winning!  I get to take them home too.
  • Bring your own rice crackers and humus or veggies, etc.
  • Call your hostess, maybe less tacky, but you can say I am super excited to come to the holiday extravaganza at your beautiful house!  You sure make the best food.  What’s on the menu this year?  <<< sounding tacky no more.  Now you are complimenting and fishing at the same time.  Ask if you can bring something while casually mentioning your lifestyle change.  She will want a lifestyle change too and you won’t feel left out then.

So these are my tips to you this year.  Carry on my gluten-free, paleo, sugar-free, possibly vegan warriors.  Whoever you are, you can do this!!!


powerNew ^^^ linked to 4 Weeks to Wellness


5 Steps to Being Healthier Today!

5 Steps to healthThis post was so popular that I have decided to add a contact form about the greens if you are interested in learning more about them!  Read until the end!

5 Steps to Being Healthier Today!

1. Eliminate processed foods.  Have you ever looked at the back of a “FAT-FREE” box of coffee creamer as compared to real cream?  Just look at the ingredients.
2. Drink more water.  Why?  “Water’s involved in every type of cellular process in your body, and when you’re dehydrated, they all run less efficiently — and that includes your metabolism.
3. Add a Greens smoothie to your day.  Why the “Greens”?

  • Detoxify, alkalize, and promote pH balance within the body
  • Acidity-fighting magnesium and potassium blend
  • Cutting-edge probiotic support for digestive health
  • 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods
  • Multiple servings of fruits and vegetables in every scoop
  • Free radical-fighting antioxidants

4. Add protein in the morning.  I prefer the things I have linked to because of these reasons:

  • Experience quicker post-workout recovery
  • Build lean muscle mass with fewer calories
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Get feel-good, mood-elevating energy with maca and cacao powder
  • Promote healthy digestion with seven different soluble and insoluble fibers

5. Cut the sugar…but you can keep the fruit.  I have gone white processed sugar-free in the last two years and don’t miss it!  What do I use if I have to make a recipe with something like sugar?  Buy coconut palm sugar.  But if you are worried about sugar in fruit, check out this link.  I am guilty of loving mangoes.

So, in a nutshell…drop the sugar, add the water, add protein, and greens, but drop the processed food!!  Contact me here if you want to know more about the greens or visit click shop!



Ways to Overcome Cravings.

It never fails…you sit down at night to watch T.V.  The kitchen is closed for the night.  Closed.  But you start to watch your favorite show, and you get distracted.  You think you need food.  Here are some helpful tips to help you determine if food is really what you want.

Ways to Overcome Cravings

  1. Remember your goals.  Write them down and put them on the fridge.  If you happen to go there, you can see your goals.  Your brain will shift and remember your long-term goals and hopefully ignore the cravings you have.
  2. Drink a glass of water.  A lot of people don’t realize that drinking a glass of water can be a great tool for making you feel full.  Proper water intake actually helps you metabolize food and without the presence of water, your body might not be able to get the nutrients it needs.  Many food cravings are based on your body’s need for specific nutrients.
  3. Get moving.   If your craving triggers you to get up, why not pair it with something you want to get done.  If you think you need a snack, tell yourself you can only have one after walking around the block.  Or lifting the kettle bell for 10 reps on each side.  You get the drift.  It will help you form new habits instead of eating mindlessly just because it’s there.
  4. Take a hot shower and relax.  Give yourself a sauna type shower so that it opens your pores.  When you get out, you will most likely have forgotten your craving.  Have a large glass of water by your bed or some hot tea and relax and get ready for the day ahead.  If you are not in the area where food it…and your mind is then on bedtime routines, it really does help.
  5. Out of sight.  This one sounds easy, but if you live with someone who is constantly getting up to fix snacks late at night and making all kinds of noise in the cabinet, you are actually going to want some of whatever they are having.  I asked my husband long ago to help me stick to a plan.  It was hard at first, but it gradually became easier.  I also make sure that only veggies and fruits are there for me to reach.

Last but not least for me, I drink greens in my water to help me fight against sugar cravings.  There is so much more I could tell you that as I began to heal my sugar cravings, and the “gut”, things began to improve in many areas of my life.  To read more about the program I developed based off my research check out >>> Work with me. <<<

Overcome Cravings


How to live like a warrior.


Aimee on Left…Diana on right

Hi friends.  It’s been a while since I did an update on this story I wrote last year…and sometimes when I re-visit things that I write, I think hmmm it’s missing some details.  So tonight, I want to fill in the holes.

How to live like a warrior.

  1.  Have something completely scary, unexpected and not at all planned happen to you in your life.  Hint:  We nailed this one!
  2. Grab the raft that’s floating by you and jump on.  DO NOT wait for another one thinking you can swim, tread water, or just wait for the bigger boat.  Hint: There might not be another one coming by.
  3. Get off the raft when you are ready.  This means, once you get to dry land, go ahead and see what happens.  There are other people there who might have been through something similar.  Do not be afraid to look them in the eye and say HEY, I notice you are still wearing your life jacket.  Want to tell me about it?  Hint:  They probably do…they were just too scared to be the first one to speak.
  4. Gather your tribe.  Now that you are in the wilderness, start gathering your tribe around you.  They can take a few of the night shifts…you can rest that way and still feel protected!!  Hint: Tell people what is going on for real.  Don’t hide it or play “vague book” as a friend says.
  5. Sharpen your weapons.  I’m not talking Game of Thrones, so calm down.  But you might need to forge your own path in this new uncharted territory.  So get ready.  Take notes which paths don’t work out so well, and remember to keep going.  Hint:  Don’t stay in one place too long with this.  You can make it out.
  6. Take care of your armor.  After a while, there will be wear and tear on your protective layer.  It’s best to keep it in shape by checking it for dents, and making sure that it can withstand the coming days.  Hint:  Take care of your body.  Re-charge.  Rest when you need to.  There is NOT any shame to your game my friends.
  7.  Know your enemy.  This one is pretty easy.  Do some research on what you are dealing with.  Find out if there is a weakness.  Hint: For me I studied the things I was diagnosed with.  For my friend Diana, she sought out a great oncologist.  Do what is best for what you are dealing with!
  8. Never give up.  I’m not going to lie, this one is harder.  But, think how far you’ve come?  You’ve dealt with the unexpected, you asked for help when needed, you found a place to rest and gather your tribe, you got your weapons ready, you patched your armor if needed, and you studied the enemy.  If you are doubting yourself now, don’t be afraid to reach out to others.  Hint: Sometimes it looks really bad right before the big battle…think Lord of the Rings.  BUT, you have an even bigger Warrior on your side and He is ready for this.  He is. You just have to ask.

     Real Warriors

Shame on you…

So I got told once in a private message.  SHAME on me.  Shame on me.  The problem was, I didn’t feel shame.  She did.  She was projecting her shame or what action she felt should be shameful on me.  Hmm.  Let me break it down for you.  Remember when I talked about vulnerability last year?  If not, see this post on Daring greatly.  There are people I used to know who were very very afraid of the truth.  They were afraid of being vulnerable.  They were afraid of letting others see who they truly were.  And they have perfected the art of being “normal” so much so that I could not have a conversation with them.  All but one.  One of them, I thought, could be honest with herself.  Because in the end, that’s what it was about.  Honesty on a level so deep that the only other being who knows this is God.  Because really, do you think you are fooling Him?  You aren’t.

I absolutely loved it when Brené Brown said she had the worst “vulnerability hangover” ever after telling a crowd of 500 people at the TED convention that she had a breakdown.  She said she didn’t come out of her house for 3 days.  When she gets up and talks about Listening to shame, she says this TED is like the failure conference. No, it is. You know why this place is amazing? Because very few people here are afraid to fail. And no one who gets on the stage, so far that I’ve seen, has not failed. I’ve failed miserably, many times. I don’t think the world understands that because of shame.”  Amen sister.  Amen.

“Shame is I am bad.  Guilt is I did something bad.  How many of you if you did something that was hurtful to me would be willing to say I’m sorry I made a mistake?  Guilt.  Shame.  I’m sorry I AM a mistake.  There’s a huge difference between shame and guilt.”   She goes on to speak about how women and men feel shame differently.  “If we’re going to find our way back to each other we have to understand and know empathy.  Empathy’s the antidote to shame.  If you put shame in a Petri dish, it needs three things to grow exponentially: secrecy, silence, and judgment.  The two most powerful words when we’re in struggle: me too.”  When she says that if we are going to find our way back to each other and that vulnerability is going to be that path, then I ask you, why put down the person who opens up to you?  Why judge?  Why condemn them for the telling you something that might have been hard to say?  Because you actually feel shame.  Not them.  You have more to hide than the person being vulnerable.




Which one? Anxiety or depression…

I am not a doctor.  I am writing as a friend who has suffered from one or both of the above, so let me make that clear.  After the diagnosis of my last disease, Hashimoto’s, I was fine.  I knew I could be put on thyroid medicine and everything would be magically “solved”.  It wasn’t that easy…not by a long shot.  I started having severe food allergies and was in pain.  The link above shows you some of the symptoms of my newest disorder, but what I did not realize was that food allergies can also cause some of the same symptoms.

I had my first panic attack.  I thought perhaps I was having a heart attack…really.  After months of living with anxiety, I saw my first ever therapist.  She told me to read a book.  It was nice, it was, and it taught me about the value of “now” and how to practice breathing techniques.  I breathed.  I am still using those techniques and told my friend about them as she also suffers from anxiety.  We breathed together.  I looked up natural ways to help and finally, one night, my husband realized a medicine I was on for acid reflux was probably blocking my magnesium.  Here is another article about dealing with panic attacks.  It suggests using magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, and vitamin D.  I already knew my D was low from a few years prior.  I had never even thought about magnesium.

The therapist was asking me if I was depressed, and while I felt that way at times, I wasn’t sure that was the underlying problem.  I realized I wanted another explanation because I really felt like she wasn’t connecting the dots.  I began researching what happens when I ate certain foods, or when I didn’t eat on time because I was avoiding food.  I found this article here on 11 Natural Treatments for Depression.

I called my cousin.  We are very close, and I knew she went through this.  I wondered if there was something in our family that caused this kind of thing to come out, and then I remembered she had thyroid problems at one time too.  She was really sick as a child…maybe illness was the connection.  Around January of this year, I finally made a connection to improperly balanced hormones as well.  I have too much estrogen.  Definitely needed balancing.  I read about maca powder, and I’ll never forget the first time I bought it at a local health food store.  The woman said “What do you THINK that will do for you?”  It was not said nicely.  I told her exactly what it would do and how it would give me energy, balance my hormones (hopefully), and contained calcium, iron, magnesium and selenium as well as essential fatty acids and 19 amino acids.  Take that snooty lady.  I now order it online:)

So, I can’t be sure exactly what was going on I just knew I had to cover ALL my bases.  I knew over the course of 4 years, my body was trying to tell me what I needed, but at the time, I had no idea how to balance it out.  Do NOT lose hope.  Talk about it, and seek medical help if it is really bad.  My family probably wouldn’t want me sharing this, but meh.  I have lost distant cousins due to depression, and a great-grandfather.  I do not take it lightly.  I do not think I can handle it without help.  Bravo for stepping up and admitting you need help.  Please reach out.