Procrastination and the dreaded “resolutions”…3 tips to overcome it!

I know that at the end of each year, millions of people resolve to do better next year.   The problem is, resolve means steadfastness, and we let many things get in the way of that resolve.  Procrastination has become our safety net, trust me I know.

But what if we traded in that safety net, for true results?  What would happen?

We’d actually get things done.  We’d stop listening to fear and self-doubt.  We’d have to be accountable.  Ack.  Those things by themselves are scary.  Scary feet. Scary feet. Scary feet.  <<< Sully would approve of you being scared.

Unfortunately, if you are reading this, we have hit the grown up stage and the responsibilities that come with that are often too much for us in our heads, so we fall back on fear.  I understand.  I have been there many times.  So what changed for me?

3 tips to overcome procrastination:

  1. Create clearly defined goals…and then look to see if you can break them down even further.  In my new online community, I was talking about how to really get clear on what you want and then step back and see if it can be even more clear.  After we have created these crystal clear steps to your end result, make sure you know how realistic they are.  For example, one goal might be making more money.  Okay, so how much?  If you are on the path to millions, is that realistic right this very minute?  Maybe you can have a goal to make $100 more this pay period.  At the end of the year, you can have your big goal of making x amount of dollars.  Try not to write out that your goal is to get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  2. Minimize the path to distractions…engage in community support.  As I was on the path to wellness, the community around me was not very supportive.  I had to change my focus as many of you have heard me say time and time again.  It actually became my most popular quote and my tag line, but I truly believe “Surround yourself with what you want to become.” << Okay, my original quote was a bit longer, but of course, I will put it at the end for you.  But let’s think about your distractions.  Write them out if you have to.  Map out your pitfalls like you are Indiana Freaking Jones and this is the Temple of Doom.  Write out snakes, those might be the people trying to bring you down.  “Why’d it have to be snakes?”  And then the booby traps, that might be the triple chocolate cake your friend ordered right in front of you.  The nerve.  Then what is going to save you from the pit?  Who or what is your rope vine that comes right as you need it?  Support.  Find that group of people who will be there for you.
  3. Get to a safe environment…whew.  After you have made it out of distraction zone, what are you going to do next?  Sticky notes.  I didn’t invent them though, but I use them.  So here are a few ways to help yourself with notes.  Get your planner ready and write in what you need to do.  Clean your desk area into one that is organized and less “Pig Pen” like.  Physically remove old to-do lists.  Streamline your tasks into today and by the end of today.  Don’t look at the overall month right now…that can be your future log.  Make certain you are holding yourself accountable or use the S.O.S. option if you are in my closed group. <<< that’s where you get to ask me for help on 1 specific thing before Thursday of each week.  It might show up as a blog post.  You never know:)

I really believe in you!  If I can do this, I know you can.  See the previous article called You Can Get Through This, because life is not a race. It’s a journey, and we are all trying to get through it the best we know how.

Here is your reminder, from me.  With much love:

How to improve your karma.

Karma is frequently misunderstood as a “new age” buzzword.  The thing is, karma has been around since the beginning of creation.  Jesus even said for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap….Every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labor.” 

So what I want you to focus on right now, is improving your labors so to speak whatever your beliefs happen to be.  We can all agree that this world would benefit greatly from good deeds.karma

Dial up the good karma

  1. Watch your thoughts throughout the day.  Are the majority of your thoughts negative?  If the answer is yes, try keeping a thought journal.  Start off with a positive affirmation for the day.  Whenever you feel yourself slipping back into the negative, go to that affirmation and repeat it.
  2. Don’t blow your top…practice patience.  I know that you immediately want to scream, curse, or flip off the driver who cut in front of you.  But take some deep calming breaths and send them good energy…to get to the hospital on time as that’s the only possible explanation for why they cut you off…right?
  3. Watch your words…because they might be sour.  Trust me when I say that I know how difficult it is to keep foul words to yourself when someone does something particularly nasty.  But that is actually their KARMA.  I know.  I know.  It doesn’t make it any easier, but repeat one of my favorite mantras “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” even loud enough for them to hear if you need to, but at least it will be puzzling to them.  I say this all the time now where people can hear me.  It’s better than other things I could say.
  4. Remember it’s like a math test.  All the good against all the bad?  Somewhat…but how about it’s a test of how you respond to these situations.  Kind of like a big ole’ Hunger Games set up in your head…but hopefully less violent.  May the odds be ever in your favor.
  5. Think with the heart, not the ego.  This one is pretty dag-on difficult.  When something happens, gossipy folks, backstabbing co-workers, lying leeches, or whatever come into your field of vision, put night vision goggles on.  What?  Yes!  Pretend you can see right into the heart of matters and see their pain.  Their ridiculousness and ugly words as the hurt they have not been able to let go of.  They are speaking through that and trying to drag you into it because they can’t see past it.  But you can, so think with the heart.  Let love guide your words, not spite.  That’s on them.  Rise above whatever they are putting out there, because you truly can raise your karmic level.

Karma powerNeed a place to turn up your Karma?  See the Head|Heart|Health Club tab here on the blog.


Tiny continuous improvements.


How can I find more time in my life?

Today, your task is to start new habits.  When you come from a place of pain, whether it’s fibromyalgia or other illnesses, as soon as you wake up, do not think about how hard the day is going to be.  Do not think of your to-do list.  Do not think of the tasks ahead which are so difficult to get through you dread them.  No.  Take a dry-erase pen, and write some daily affirmations on your bathroom mirror.  Make that the first thing you see.  I am healing.  I am getting better.  Whatever it is to get you moving in a good way.  Repeat every morning until you believe them…so basically, as long as it takes.

Why do I need to make small improvements?

If you do the same thing every single day, consider something new to get you moving and thinking; don’t give me that eyeball.  It’s time to start doing something different.  I was reading an article called Can You Become a Creature of New Habits?  This struck me as something I needed to do…”a Japanese technique called kaizen, which calls for tiny, continuous improvements.”  M. J. Ryan, author of the 2006 book “This Year I Will…” states that “Whenever we initiate change, even a positive one, we activate fear in our emotional brain,” Ms. Ryan notes in her book. “If the fear is big enough, the fight-or-flight response will go off and we’ll run from what we’re trying to do. The small steps in kaizen don’t set off fight or flight, but rather keep us in the thinking brain, where we have access to our creativity and playfulness.”

  1. Have your calendar where you can see your schedule.
  2. Set your alarm for a minute earlier for the next 30 days…60 days…then 90 days.  Wow!  Look at that extra time.
  3. Identify ways in which you waste time…not fun, I know.  Because believe me, I work on social media so I can easily lose track of time.  That’s why I need to do number 2^^^.
  4. Have you ever reviewed your to-do list?  I keep lists on the counter.  Sometimes I get down to just a few things…that are still on there from erm 2 months ago.  But when I finally mark them off, whew.  I feel like I did something.
  5. Make a list of things you think you have to do like social obligations.  If there is something you are doing that is taking up your time and you can honestly say you get no joy from it, cut it out.  I have done this.

So it’s time to initiate change.  A positive one.  Create a habit of excellence with tiny, continuous improvements.  In other words, baby steps to a new you.