5 Money Beliefs You Need to Leave Behind

A long time ago, I worked in the projects.  You actually don’t understand poverty until you have seen people who really do live in areas considered “below the poverty line”.  I know that doesn’t help you right now, but it needed to be said.

On the flip side of this, if you actually do have money, do you feel like you aren’t entitled to it?  Do you feel bad for having it?  You see, for a long time, I felt really bad about money after seeing children from poverty.

I was a teacher, yes.  I struggled just like everyone else to make ends meet.  To be honest though, I never struggled as badly with little money as I did when I had more money, and then suddenly didn’t have as much.  Life’s funny that way.

What lessons did money really teach me then?

  1. I was not as poor as I imagined.  I didn’t have any idea how to use food stamps.  I could actually pay for gas for my car and did not have to use public transportation.  My belief was that I was really struggling.  And while I was, it was not at a level that some people are currently facing.  Money showed me that lesson and in turn, I thanked God for my current situation.  I became a mentor and took children out in their neighborhood to places they wouldn’t have been able to go without my help.
  2. I was not as rich as I imagined either.  Money is hilarious.  It taunts you to spend it and spend it you do.  Then that funny guy called Visa calls on you one day and you owe $20,000.  For house remodeling…that you did to save money.  Oops.  My belief was that I could always make more…that is until the day I got really sick.  I had not learned the save for a rainy day lesson.  I was out that day.  Sick.  I needed to have a savings, so lesson learned.
  3. I was “always” going to be in debt.  You think there is absolutely nothing you can do, but you are wrong.  You can actually call credit cards and reduce your rates, work to pay off the least amount or the highest interest rate, and continue to visualize your debt being paid off.  Here is the part where I start to lose you.  I did good things.  I paid for things, donated, and such…even when I had not as much as others, and more than some.  I tried very hard to get out of this fear mentality that debt wants you to be in.  I knew that it was not going to be forever and I was right.  The belief that it was going to get worse held me back.  It almost stopped me in my tracks, but I made a plan.  This is the hardest of the steps I think.
  4. Others seem to have it “easy”.  There were times I would look at other people’s posts and think wow!  What a nice vacation.  But you know, they split it 3 ways maybe and I didn’t know that.  Or you might see the “I did a great job and got a raise” post.  They don’t mention it took them 5 years of hard work.  Don’t always think that the grass is greener because you know I say it’s Astro-turf.  Some people just make things appear as if it was handed to them, and it’s okay.  You know you are a hard worker and there’s no shame in being real.
  5. Throwing in the towel by saying “I can’t afford that.”  When I was driving my mini-van into the ground…with the oil leaking, the tires deflating and fixed more times than I can count, the hood looking like hail had beat it to death, and the hub caps rusting, anyway, I thought “I will not be able to afford a new car anytime soon…but I have to”.  I started changing the way I thought that year.  I had used that car to get me to more doctor’s appointments than I could count and it had been a good car, but it was time to move on.  So I wrote about it as if it happened.  Over and over again.  Each month.  And then it happened.  We donated our car to a good cause and I bought a vehicle I had long since wanted because one of my illnesses left me with really sensitive hands to cold…and the vehicle came with a warm steering wheel control as well as butt warmers!!!  I thought it was heaven.  I still do.

Money is energy.  I see that now, and I also know that I actually have more control over my actions with it than I previously realized.  I don’t use it as an excuse, I don’t hide behind it, but I don’t need to lie about it either.  When I want to go after something now, I just work harder, and put more energy into my plan.  I don’t if you believe this, but try it sometime.  Don’t let money control your thoughts…control your thoughts and therefore control the flow of money.  ~Aimee

Money beliefs

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The top values you need in life.

Values money can't buyThis post might cause quite a stir, but it’s true.  These are values you need in life and guess what?  Money can’t buy them.

Things money can’t buy:

  1. Manners…this one should speak for itself, but so often it does not.  Manners are not only saying please and thank you, but a way of speaking to people even behind the scenes.  If there’s one thing that frosts my buns, its rude texts or messages.
  2. Morals are a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.  News flash…not all people have the same morals and if you are around someone who constantly thinks things that make your stomach feel “weird” and icky, are okay for them to do, it’s time to evaluate your friends.
  3. Respect find out what it means to me.  Okay, I was singing.  Aretha knows what this means, but sadly, some people don’t.  Treat others how you want to be treated folks…that’s all.
  4. Character is another one that defines who you are.  It’s the mental and moral qualities that make you, well you.  Some characters are better than others.  Beware.
  5. Common sense was not given to everyone.  It really wasn’t.  Just know this as you go out into the world.
  6. Trust is earned.  Trust is important.  If you are constantly telling half-truths and doing some shady stuff, well be gone from my circle.  I value trust in a relationship.
  7. Patience is something that I had to have while teaching…all teachers have some, but it does start to run thin.  And after that, well, you might want to just do things the first time you are asked.  The scary eyeball will glance your way…like the eye of Sauron.  Don’t make me use it on you.
  8. Class is basically a decent or noble type of behavior seen in some people…you know who has this.  And sadly, who does not.
  9. Integrity is another highly valued trait in my world.  One reason is because I expect a person of integrity to hold true to his moral compass and not lie to me…lying is something I do not tolerate well…not at all.
  10. Love can also be a virtue that represents compassion and kindness.  If we had more love for one another, well it would go a long way, and it definitely is something that money can not buy.  So I see that as linked to money can’t buy happiness.  Money can buy security for some, but that’s a whole different thing.

I know that you might want to add other values to this list, but this was just a start.  What do you think you’d add?

Do not read into this post…

I was scrolling through the junk on Facebook, I mean “updates” and one of them caught my eye.  My friend posted something funny and I went to click like.  Then I started reading everyone’s comments and I was like, ummm, this is a joke people.  I know him and he did not mean anything by it.  It doesn’t matter what he said, I’m sure you have seen a million posts like this.  THIS is why I usually only post very mundane items of information for people to comment on.  He even had to state he heard it on a radio show and it made him laugh.

Sigh.  Whatever happened to good ole’ communication?  Do you feel like you haven’t “talked” to people in ages?  The truth is, you probably haven’t tried.  Oh I’m sure you have texted them, messaged them, poked them (don’t read into that), and commented or clicked like on something they said just so they know you are alive, but when is the last time you spoke to them?  Maybe if you did you wouldn’t read so much into other people’s comments.

I have a friend who was apparently put out with people for not responding to an event she created on the book of face.  Did you call me?  Nope.  Did you speak to me about it in person?  Nope.  Did you even try to e-mail me?  Nope.  I mean I know e-mail is antiquated now, but no reminder was given to me at all.  I am too old to play games and if you know me, then you know it’s true.  I have been reading a lot of books about “games”.


Oh, wait, the last one is not a game, it is really my life.  Don’t make up your own rules, friends, and forget to let people know what they are.  This just isn’t helpful.  Let’s use some common sense, which implies we have “good sense and sound judgement in practical matters”, and move on with our lives before we “read too much into it”.

“Common sense is very uncommon.”  ~Horace Greeley