Looking back, I seem to have started a pattern I wasn’t aware of.  I was talking about negatives and how to deal with them because what you see in my blog usually reflects something I am going through.  For those of you who know me, you already know about my genetic predisposition to visit the doctor on a more regular basis than I would like.  That being said, it is amazing what one good doctor can do for your hope.  I started a new routine this week, and met someone amazing.  Through the advice of my husband, I found a chiropractor who does not practice the “traditional” popping and twisting type of service.

I have been in more pain than normal in my hips, and this chiropractor looked at me and said “I want to establish a good relationship with you.  I work for you.  If at any time, you don’t like what I am doing, ask me questions. ”  He continued on and I almost cried.  I told him I have never had a doctor say that to me in all my years.  He told me I could fire him!  He is only two years older than me…maybe that’s the difference.  I don’t know, but I’ll take it.  Hope is a beautiful thing.  Even when you are told that one hip is slightly higher, and um somehow it appears the other is lower and pushed back.  How in the world did I do that?

I mean 12 years ballet, tap and jazz, soccer, snow skiing, tried “running”, not my thing, hiking, walking trails, mountain biking, Zumba, transitioning to hot yoga, and trying to slow down after having kids.  Oh yeah, I did have two huge children.  Ever seen Big Bang Theory?  You know Bernadette?  Only 5’2 as well I think.  Okay, so my babies weren’t huge, but they were 8.1, 8.9.  Maybe, just maybe, my hips moved.

Hope is a beautiful thing.  Time to fix up the ole’ mountain bike after my hips go back to where they are supposed to be:)  Ahh.  Fresh air and muddy leaves.  I can almost smell it.


P.S. Like what I’m doing with my quotes?  Want more?  See my Facebook page.  Not sure why it took me so long to make my quotes like this:)


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