Fibromyalgia Awareness

Every once in a while you might feel like Life has marched right up to you and thrown down the gauntlet.  Poof.  The dust rises and you look her right in the eye, and you say come on bitch.  I got this.  I was having a year like this, but no more.  I made myself do a 90 day challenge on my little known supplement page called Vitalize You.  Of course, my friends all know about it, but I won’t apologize for waking up and realizing what is in the food we eat.  What is in the medicines we take, and what WAS in my vitamins.  I now am on completely all-natural NON GMO products.  It is very important for someone with autoimmune conditions.

May 12th is Fibromyalgia Awareness DAY.  One day?  Are you serious?  No, that won’t cut it.  I am going to try to talk about it more on my FB page for my blog.  So to start off with, I encourage you to read a few articles I found.  The first one was really hard for me to wrap my head around.  I hurt all the time and you are telling me to exercise.  WHY??  Even if I didn’t hurt, I am not likely to actually WANT to exercise.  Sigh.  Read Fibromyalgia Exercise Studies if you want.  I have some lovely friends who try to encourage me out of my hermit-like state.  I appreciate you all.  Because I guess comfy clothes can be worn walking.  So technically I don’t have to change…I can add that to my list.

Next, I was reading about Vitamin D Benefits and Fibromyalgia.  I am really low on Vitamin D since I have that pesky vampire-type thing going on where my skin can actually be harmed by the sun.  Go figure.  I am now on an all-natural readily available Vitamin D supplement.  Lastly, I read about this list where I pretty much had all the symptoms on it.  It was depressing for a second, and then I thought, I have had these symptoms for as long as I can remember, get over it.  Move.  Do something.  A war in my head would be like Darth Vader fighting Luke.  Obviously my symptoms are the dark side…I am not giving in!  Oh, the list is called Fibromyalgia Symptoms.

I hear the whooshing noise of the light sabers…I am screaming.  Noooooo!  What?  I am a geek.  You have whatever you want in your head.  Okay, back to the fight.  Whoosh.  That breathing mask noise is on my nerves Darth.

I leave you with this quote I have used before, and still love:

Dark Side QuoteP.S.  I do not look like Amy Farrah Fowler.


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