The Burned Hand says Thanks

Hello Friend! It has been quite a ride over the last 4 years on the WordPress platform, but it’s not over!  I just shifted a bit to the paid version of WordPress and the exact theme I have been using was available.  I published my very popular Motivational Monday on the first day I migrated […]

Hacking failure…and using it to your advantage.

Failure sucks.  Yup.  We’ve all been there, done that.  You tried and failed miserably.  But what did you do with that knowledge?  Did you give up?  Go on to make more improvements in your life?  Change something about what you did and repeat it to achieve success?  I know that I have failed trying to […]

Why You Must Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

Today happens to be Monday.  If you have been following for a long while, you know I used to write these “Motivational Monday” posts…but if you search that term, I have quite a few.  So instead of using the broad term now, I come up with something that all of my readers happen to be […]