10 Things You Notice Near an Empath

Author’s note:  This is not for use on other websites as it is my personal story.  ~Aimee~

I once called the insurance phone number to ask a question.  An hour later, the woman had shared her whole life story with me and I am not sure she ever answered my question, but I made her feel better.  What is an empath anyway and did I just make that up?  There are probably thousands of stories like this for me, but I want you to think about times you have interacted with someone and felt all the same feelings they have…or perhaps they have told you things you just didn’t really need to know. 

My entire life, I have felt different.  I think I have tried really hard to keep a lid on it all until the last 5 years.  Derived from the Greek “em” (in) and “pathos” (feeling), the term empathic means I am able to “feel into” others’ feelings.  At first, I thought I was just using my computer skills to really know what to post on my fan page for the blog.  I always seemed to post just the right quote for my real-life friends, and my page continued to grow that way.

After a while, people began to really identify with my story, and came to me for answers.  I continued to grow my client list in my holistic business because I could get to the root of what the client needed.  I learned that I felt what my client was saying to me and within a few short conversations, seriously knew what they needed to do whether it was on the phone or through messaging.  I could pick up on vibrations. 

So what does this all mean for you if you are friends with one?  I have a few tips on what you might notice.

10 Things You Notice Near an Empath:

  1. Please take what we say seriously.  If you ask us for advice, even if it sounds crazy, there is some truth in it.  We just know things and it bothers the heck out of us when you ask us for advice and don’t listen.  Sometimes things makes sense to us long before they make sense to you…and that includes “coincidences” that aren’t really a coincidence at all.
  2. Lies have no place in any conversation with us ever.  The surest way to ruin a friendship with an empath is to continue lying to them.  It’s just sad really because there is no point and it has been really painful for me personally.  I have had to look into the eyes of a close friend and see the hesitation for a split second and I literally felt the lie as it slipped over my skin.  I can’t explain it and I don’t want to.  It is one of my most uncomfortable traits to not be able to turn off.
  3. Any national tragedy is unbearable…no matter how far away.  I wrote a post after Sandy Hook Elementary School was in the news and to this day I can’t read about it.  Period.  I become the pain in a way I can’t explain to other people.  Plus, I was also a teacher.  I can’t “unfeel” so the less I know, the better.
  4. They always look tired.  I love everyone, I do.  But stop asking me why I have dark circles under my eyes.  They have been there my whole life.  Many empaths get diagnosed with chronic fatigue because they don’t know how to shield themselves properly from energy vampires.  This is a work in progress for many.
  5. Healing often becomes their way of life.  My friend called me the bridge the other night.  I was like interesting.  I am the bridge.  I see what needs to be done and I just suggest it for others.  Whether it is tests, home remedies, alternative methods, exercise, nutrition, or holistic therapy suggestions, I just see it.  It is how I approached my own care and came up with my wellness program, and it is how I have helped hundreds of others.  It is my job to bridge the gap between modern medicine and what needs to be done in your body.
  6. They might get distracted easily and daydream.  This is really true as I can feel some currents and go off on some other task.  This is one of the reasons I have to stay organized as best I can.
  7. Living a lie would be damn near impossible.  If someone asks me to do something I don’t like…I find a way to procrastinate.  However, the procrastination might just be my intuition saying you really have to tell them no.  Likewise, when someone asks me to do anything at all like “covering up for them” or “lie for them” I have a hard time holding in my anger at this type of behavior.
  8. No room for narcissism at all. I was asked to be in this group of people who were fawning all over someone.  I thought I was going to lose my shit on all of them because the guy shows how much money he has, what he drives, how many people “love” him, and it is the biggest act I have ever seen.  Things nobody has time for.  THAT.  My BS meter is way too high.
  9. The love of animals is strong within us.  Most empaths love their animals as if they are furry children and would do anything for them.  Anything.  So just know that if you don’t like our animals…we know and you won’t last long around us.
  10. Empaths need laughter daily.  We are connected to our bodies, sometimes.  Mostly, we are in our heads.  BUT you can help us by asking us to live in the moment with you.  To laugh.  To get out of the house if we are in hermit mood, because sometimes the world is too much for us to take.  We need to remember what it’s like to be connected.

I can’t say that this is your friend…or you, but if you identify with all of these things, then yes, you probably know what it’s like to be an empath.  I unfortunately mean what I say as I utter“I feel your pain.” I always appreciate my close friends understanding this of me and giving me the space to breathe and recharge.  Note: here is a follow-up on How to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy.  <<< from all the questions I get.

blessing_curseInterested in a place where you can learn to control your thoughts?  Check out the Empaths Guide here.  <<< 








37 thoughts on “10 Things You Notice Near an Empath

  1. Thank you for writing this Aimee. It is so amazing to read about someone who “gets it”.
    It can be a lonely existence sometimes.

  2. May I ask a question? I am 53 and feel as if I am becoming more I tuned to this very behavior. I have always felt that I had a special ability but now it is almost screaming at me… Has anyone experienced this around this age? Blessings… Kimberly

    1. Hi Kimberly, I personally feel that as we age, things shift into place. I noticed it last year at 40 years old:) Even though to everyone else, I appear 20 years younger. <3

  3. Great article and so relatable. My ex always accused me of lacking empathy. I have deep empathy for others, always have since I was a little girl. Unfortunately that was always one of his ‘go to’ remarks when he was cornered in one of his many lies or was caught yet again cheating or what he would call ‘making a mistake. You see – he is a textbook Narcissist! It took me over 4 years to finally see this and understand NPD. It was and has been hard to break away from the clutches of my relationship with him.

      1. Hi Aimee,
        Thanks for your reply! I will have to look for that article to read. I am still trying to convince myself that I am better off being away from him. It’s only been a few weeks and it’s hard. He is a very charismatic man and is very convincing to others with his lies. I know for a fact that he has probably told many lies to others saying it was me (in order to make himself look better and be the victim) but he cheated nearly the entire time of our relationship (nearly 5 years) yet somehow whenever confronted he always tried to turn the tables to me.

  4. This is me! I have known it for quite sometime, but find very little information to help handle it. How does one protect themselves? Also, I have practiced turning it around. Finding inner peace and calming and projecting that into a room of people it even just my young son who was filled with anger.

  5. I am an Empath. My whole life I have picked up on others feelings and emotions. After I received a Tramatic Brain Injury I was no longer able to protect myself from others emotional onslaughts and I know they had no idea what I was feeling. I can pick up on a lie within seconds of someone starting to tell one. People have Always for some reason felt Free to open up to me and I mean total strangers have told me things that they ended up having a very shocked look on their face after saying it and always the same thing “wow, you’re to easy to talk too. Funny thing is I don’t really talk that much I observe and listen. Since my TBI I am no longer comfortable in crowds so I don’t go out. I actually prefer and am more comfortable around my animals. Being an Empath is unique I suppose but it is not easy to handle. Thanks for the post. Very informative

    1. Hi Wendy, interesting about your TBI because when I was younger I fell and hit my head hard and had to have stitches. I also wrote a follow up post about protecting yourself from negative energy so I hope you read it! Hugs! ~Aimee

  6. How can an empath turn it off if they don’t want to be an empath. If it only makes them miserable it’s a curse.

    1. Hi there, please read the follow up on protecting yourself from negative energy as you can learn how to shield yourself. Hugs!

  7. Loss of any kind is just horrible for me. My mood tends to he based off of everyone around me. I have moments of being pissed off and no reason why. I recently began thinking about being an empath through a series of lost family, friends, and even someone unknown to me. The hurt inside me is deep and real. It even hurts physically. I always just thought I was high strung. I feel most comfortable in my room away from everyone. I tend to feel trapped when anyone enters my personal space.

    1. I am so sorry Stacey as I definitely understand. Please read my follow-up on protecting yourself from negative energy or even my article on grounding. I also have great ones on journal therapy <3

  8. It’s such a relief to see it in writing. I met a medium that said I’m a healer and that I emit healing energies (now I know why ppl always want to touch me or be very close to me). I also have a friend that is a “Light Being” and she said she recognized the same in me and that I am also an “Ancient”. I seem to attract mediums, empaths, healers, psychics and the like into my life. I have learned how to protect myself from negative entities and also how to “put down” anything that isn’t mine to carry. I can’t read the newspaper or listen to the news especially when it involves harm to children or I am reduced to a crying mess and I can’t sleep for days thinking of other children that are being hurt at that very moment. I protect my gift and I honor it as well as the gift in others. It is a comfort to meet someone who understands the things I am unable to put into words. I am so grateful to come across this post!

    Thank you so much for sharing it!

  9. I feel I was this way in my late teens and part of my early twenties. It was shut down for a brief time and then only flickered into existence a few times. I thought I found a way to re-connect, and it lasted for a few months, but is gone again. Any ideas or suggestions? I feel like this is part of who I really am, but have become so lost from it

    1. Hi Lou, maybe re-grounding yourself? I have a follow-up article on how to ground yourself so take a look at that and see what you think. Meditation helps as well focus on the inner voice.

  10. Today while reading the article Toxic relationship between an “empath and a narcissist” I now know why I find myself bonding with the Narcissist. I have always known that I feel to strongly about people I know, one’s I don’t and one’s I’ve never met. I’ve been in a 13 year relationship with one. The next one for 8 year’s and one that I’m ending today, 3 month’s. I started researching narcissistic attributes over 3 year’s ago and realized that I had been a victim of a manipulatively narcissistic master.. I was to the point of taking my own life because all I was before him he had taken. And to feel and see him show off, like he was me.. the one he stole, my dream’s, my happiness, my skin, my soul. My identity was gone. I did however pull myself out of his clutch and left..8 months ago as a matter of fact. I regained myself after a couple of months and thought I could move on, I knew what not to fall for.. A man whom I went to jr high with contacted me through social media and had this amazing story of how he always had a crush on me and he had been to shy and felt inadequate to approach me back then. After a few weeks of long phone conversations, he said he loved me. Red flags went up, but I liked the feeling and needed to feel Love, I Let him lead me into his narcissistic world and mine as well. I felt at Home again.
    My intuition tells me what my heart doesn’t seem to understand. Until I am a useless shell with nothing left to give, this time I didn’t let him have my heart just my time and wounds.In which he quickly used them against me. I am an Empath.. and I am a man made Narcissistic woman. I learned to be this person after 8 year’s of sexual abuse as a child, and year’s of foster care. I don’t know if I can stop the cycle being 47 years old now. I live a lonely life until someone else wants to claim my broken inner child. And I take theirs. The Aftermath used to hurt every inch of my being. But I have learned through the years that I can feel pain and suffering, even discomfort from the one’s i choose. I also have a way of taking Joy from those same people. I’m sure I am in need of some therapy. I’m just wondering how many people are like me.. But don’t realize it.

  11. People are often coming to me to talk and when I give advice, I have the answers they’re looking for, I don’t know how I know, but I do, even people who are going through things I’ve never been through. They are amazed. I don’t feel peoples’ physical pain, but I do feel their emotional pain and I don’t like crowds, they drain me. I love what I do and who I am, it’s amazing!

  12. Oftentimes being an empath becomes so overwhelming it becomes difficult to function. At one point i had great difficulty going to crowded places because i could hear peoples thoughts or their energies were just so overwhelming i wanted to vomit. Couldnt breathe, head spinning. I learned to block it. It is a process. Doesnt happen overnight but it can be done. And undone as well. To block it, i just picture walls around me. Thick concrete walls. Some energies still leak in but it is no longer overwhelming. I wish i had a control valve that i could just open and close as needed. Will have to work on that.

  13. Thank you for this article. I’ve had to turn mine off for awhile. I’m not sure how to I am to go on with it. I feel things about people. My lying and BS meter is the strongest. It’s a hard one cus when you call people out, I know it’s all about them, you tend to upset them. But just being around it, and there’s alot of it, is just frustrating. I hope I’m explaining myself good enough. Idk just thought I would thank you for this. I need to figure put how and why I have this and what I need to do with it.

  14. hmmm maybe this explains things….I have experienced what you have mentioned in your article and more. What is it though when you can walk into a room and, well see people that are not there. Most times I feel their presence first and then they will appear to me, but not fully if you know what I mean. I have also predicted with some members joining my family that.. this person will be trouble and boy was she! I tell people that I can read people, meaning they can be saying one thing to me but I am sensing more than what is being said. I have also had dreams of things I don’t know or places I have never been to and a few months later…I am there or the thing happens. I know what people say in the comments about crowds…. I hate them, people think I have a social disorder. I love though to sit down with a stranger and just chat like we have been mates for years…

  15. I know I am an empath, it’s almost like stressful and painful emotions are drawn to me. I can build a shield but not maintain it for long. I’m working on it. My son is an empath as well but he seems to be able to absorb and diffuse the negative emotions. When he “sees” me on overload, he will hug me and it goes way and he has no side effects from this. He does it for others as well but not very often. He has to have physical contact for this to happen and I worry about the long term effects this might have on him.

  16. Thank you for this (((❤️))) I need to shield more and so so tiered of energy vamps !!! Everyone comes to me with there problems , ppl I don’t even know tell me there whole life story , it’s like I am a magnet for it , I find myself up at night thinking of trying to help and fix everyones problems and get sick and run down so so much buy this !!! The best thing I love to do is go get lost in the woods buy a soft running river and melt into Mother Nature !!! I am very Thankful for this read !!! It made my day ❤️ Love , Light and Many Blessings to ALL of you we are not alone and will stick together as sisters and brothers ❤️ Blessed Be

    1. Hey Amy, I hope you learned to shield more! I do have the follow up articles on here about grounding and protection from negative energy!

  17. I can identify with this completely. My emotions lately have been on overload. My entire body hurts. I can go from feeling calm to angry in minutes just from scrolling through my Facebook. There are so many angry Memes over this damn election. I have had to unfollow a few friends just to keep from seeing their hateful posts. I don’t know what I am feeling somedays. Is it my feelings or someone else’s? Even home has become uncomfortable. I just don’t want to leave my house anymore. It’s just too hard to keep explaining to my husband and children why. I am feeling so overwhelmed, tired, & omg, the pain! I am surrounded my people that just don’t own what they feel. they can say nothing, but I feel it. When I ask them why they are feeling whatever feeling I am picking up from them, they deny it all together. It just makes me crazy. I don’t know if it’s mine or theirs that I feel. I am 99% sure I am right. I know they are lying. It just makes me feel sick. I have been spending a lot of time in my bedroom. That’s my safe place. I feel like I am missing out on life. I have an amazing friend I can talk to about this. But she too is an Empath, we can overwhelm each other too at times.

    1. I understand completely Sandra and I too had to unfollow. I suspected it was going to be like this for a while, so I created my gratitude group at the top tab of the blog just to have a safe place and safe energy for people to go to:) Hugsxx

  18. I have always felt like a Empath…just never knew their was a name for it….and perhaps this is why I have lived so long. The life I used to live when I was younger was just as a leaf blowing in the wind but I have never been without doubt or heartless always looking for the good in everyone. I thank God for this trait.

  19. Only realised a while ago I might be one.I know when somebody is lieing or fake friendly..I pick up bad vibes too..Its been like thisall my life…and frankly..I have withdrawn from life and people in general…

  20. I have just recently realized I am an Empath. For all my life I have been “different” and at times though myself crazy. Now I feel if I can turn this “curse” into a gift, I can come upon the tools and insight to be free and forgiving to myself. I would love to converse with others like me…as with most, I have a hard time giving physical time, but still need the connections.

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